Tropical Diseases

Specific Tropical Diseases

The following tropical diseases, among others, may require attention in view of their incidence in areas of foreign service:

  1. Bacterial infections, including

  • bacillary dysentery

  • cholera

  • Hansen's disease (leprosy)

  • Oroyo fever

  • pinta

  • plague

  • relapse fever, and

  • yaws

2. Viral Infections, incuding yellow fever


  3. Roundworm parasitic infections, including

  • dracontiasis

  • filariasis (Bancroft's type)

  • hookworm infection

  • loiasis, and

  • onchocerciasis

  4.  Other parasitic infections, including

  • ameviasis

  • blackwater fever

  • leishmaniasis

  • malaria, and

  • schistosomiasis

Rheumatic Fever

Rheumatic fever is an acute, subacute, or chronic systemic disease that, for unknown reasons, is self-limiting or may lead to slowly progressive valve deformity of the heart.


Complications of rheumatic fever include

  • cardiac arrhythmias

  • pericarditis

  • rheumatic pneumonitis

  • pulmonary embolism

  • pulmonary infarction

  • valve deformity, and

  • in extreme cases, congestive heart failure.